research, development, production, and sales of solar PV products
Yakaii PTE Ltd specializes in research, development, production, and sales of solar PV products as well as provision of related services and provides customers around the world with high-quality PV products.

Yakaii PTE Ltd ranges from solar cells, solar modules to solar storage system and OEM/ODM services. The capacity for solar module is 2GB per year and capacity for cells is 1GG per year, The series products and solutions can meet customer requirements on different applications.

At present, Yakaii PTE Ltd products have been widely applied in 50 countries, including United States, Germany,Netherland, Belgium, Australia, Japan, India, Italy, Pakistan and China. Yakaii PTE Ltd is dedicated to providing sustainable and clean energies for our clients and making contribution to environmental protection.


Yakaii PTE Ltd is aiming to be professional provider of fully integrated solar energy solutions


Yakaii PTE Ltd is ready to be part of the contribution by providing the complete PV energy solution of a clean energy


At Yakaii PTE Ltd, all of our business activities are aiming to best service for our customer


It is our responsibility of building Yakaii PTE Ltd stronger and durable with sustainability, acting with an owner mentality


Integrity helps Yakaii PTE Ltd to build the trust and respect among our business activities

Best People

At Yakaii PTE Ltd, we attract, develop, and retain our best talent to power our business in every process.

Research & Development
  • Wafer Technology

    Mono Wafer, with monocrystal structure, low oxygen content, low dislocation is produced from ingot technology.Compared with the cells produced with traditionally casted multicristalline wafer, the new ones have high conversion efficiency and are cost-effective.
    Compared with ordinary monocrystalline wafers, Wafers are larger in size, with an increase of 1.7 percent in the effective coverage area of the modules
    The efficiency of the modules of packaged Wafer cells is high, with an increase of 1% in Cell-to-Module. After stabilization, the modules made of G1-Wafer can generate more power with an LID 1% less than that made of the ordinary monocrystalline wafer.

  • Diamond wire slicing technology

    Yakaii PTE Ltd has brought in diamond wire slicing technology and made remarkable progress in lowering the costs of silicon wafers. It has been proved in experiments that diamond wire slicing technology has the following advantages when compared with the traditional slicing technology:

    • Efficient slicing - slicing efficiency is improved by 150% when compared with traditional slicing technology using free abrasive materials
    • Yield rate increased - precision of silicon wafer slicing is stabilised, and metamorphic layers are reduced during the production
    • Reduction in comprehensive costs - the comprehensive costs are reduced by 25% when compared with traditional processes
    • Energy saving and environmentally-friendly - The amount of waste wire saws and mortar produced during the process has been dramatically reduced as slicing mortar can be recycled and slicing powder is convenient for recycling.



We could provides the latest solar technologies directly to our customers. We offer a complete line of renewable energy products that exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. Offer you with best OEM service, including quality products as well as long- period technical support.

Yakaii PTE Ltd provides OEM service to our global customers, which will greatly save your time and cost. With a professional Research & Develop team, we can provide suitable products according your requirements.

Yakaii PTE Ltd can manufacture any of customized small solar panels are from 185Wp to 360Wp which made from solar panel. All sizes, current,voltage and appearance customized by clients are available.

Custom shape solar panels. These panels can be cut into any shape necessary to fit the end product's design. Monocrystalline silicon solar cell and Polycrystalline silicon solar cell are available.

Silicone Cells

Yakaii PTE Ltd announced the achievement of 21.7% solar cell efficiency as mass production.

The company requested the efficiency verification to SERIS (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore) located in Singapore to officially measure the initial production's efficiency.

The results from the test for two weeks verified that the maximum efficiency reached to 21.71%.

The most important thing from the result is that this test was performed with the cells produced during the initial mass production period. It is expected that the efficiency will be able to be increased by stabilizing production lines and developing additional technology in the future.

The efficiency is the world class level as Mono-crystalline PERC solar cells manufactured from mass production lines. Also, the advantage of the core technologies used in manufacturing solar cells is to reduce production costs, compared to other manufacturers, therefore the company expects the competitiveness in terms of marginal benefits.

Yakaii PTE Ltd expects to produce 370W module with 72 cells and this product will produce 25W more than conventional modules in the market.
In case of construction of 1MW solar power plant, 2,899pcs modules were needed but when applying high-powered solar modules, only 2,703pcs are needed. This also applies to Rooftop as well as Commercial where spaces are limited.

In the recent solar market, there is a trend toward developing high-efficiency products to reduce production costs. Yakaii PTE Ltd high-efficiency solar cell is the product that matches with the trend. As a result, the company expects more demands from the existing customers as well as new ones.

PV Silicone Modules

with 7“ Half Cut Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
156 cells Mono series 560-605W
144 cells Mono series 520-555W
132 cells Mono series 475-510W
120 cells Mono series 430-465W
108 cells Mono series 390-415W
96 cells Mono series 345-370W
84 cells Mono series 300-325W
72 cells Mono 260-280W
with 6“ Half Cut Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
156 cells Mono series 465-500W
144 cells Mono series 430-465W
132 cells Mono series 395-425W
120 cells Mono series 360-385W
108 cells Mono series 325-345W

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